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Furry Connection North

Furry Connection North closes after six-year run

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Michigan furry convention Furry Connection North, has announced its closure due to the retirement of key senior staff members.

In a statement, chairman Gir Tygrin detailed the group's struggle to deal with the growth of the organization, and their ultimate decision that the amount of work needed to allow FCN to continue to exist and "not change its core mission":

[…] would be unrealistic and would potentially compromise the integrity of the event.

The organization's supplies and funds are to be donated to other events and charities; the latter have already received $21,299.67 from this year's charity fundraising efforts.

FCN was first held in 2008 with 372 attendees, and attracted 1,259 this year. It had banned minors from registering in 2013 over the "serious burden" of ensuring parental consent.

Full statement follows . . . See also: Photos from FCN 2008, 2010 and 2013 (fursuit group shot)

FCN bans minors over parental consent headaches

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Michigan convention Furry Connection North has banned minors from registering, a year after restricting them to pre-registration, due to the hassle in obtaining parental consent forms:

Overall registering 10 minors took us as long as the other roughly 400 preregistrations. Considering the total attendance for FCN 2012 was 1127 this meant that the total minor registrations constituted less than 1% of total attendees.

It became obvious to us at that point that Furry Connection North does not appeal to the under 18 demographic. That combined with the serious burden that minor registration placed on our registration department compelled our board of directors to decide to eliminate minor registration from FCN.

While those under 18 will now be excluded, con-chair Gir Tygrin hastened to add that the event will not be changing in "rating" as a result, perhaps to avoid the spectre of FOXmas.

FCN 2010 pre-registration closes today

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Online registration for Furry Connection North closes today. At-the-door pricing will be $5 more for sponsors and attending members.

The convention attracted 372 and 727 in previous years, raising the possibility that it might break 1,000 this year. Seattle's Rainfurrest brought in 911 in its third year; a 52% increase.

2 Gryphon heads new Michigan convention

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The furcon world was hit by amazement in October as 2 "the Ranting" Gryphon announced the launching of a new convention on his website, with himself as vice chairman. The already established MichiganFurs group are hosting the con.

Furry Connection North will be the first convention in the Michigan area and is set to take place April 11th to 13th, 2008.

Registration is now open, with scheduled appearances from 2 Gryphon and Uncle Kage. Latin Vixen, co-owner of fursuit makers MixedCandy, is slated to be a guest of honour.

Furry Connection North 2008 opens registration

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Furry Connection North

Furry Connection North - Michigan's first furry convention, to be held next April 11-13 in Ann Arbor - has opened registration.[1][2]

Promised attractions include a disco, laser show, "make-your-own-programming" room, and appearances by 2 the Ranting Gryphon and Uncle Kage.[1] Latin Vixen, co-owner of mascot maker MixedCandy, is slated as the Guest of Honor.[3]

Registration before March 11 costs $25, or $50 for "Pimp" (sponsor) status, which comes with access to the con suite, free beer[4] and "a few special gifts."[5] Hotel reservations are not yet available, but a room rate of $67/$75 for King/Double rooms is advertised, along with free wireless Internet and breakfast.[1]