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Furry Connection North 2008 opens registration

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Furry Connection North

Furry Connection North - Michigan's first furry convention, to be held next April 11-13 in Ann Arbor - has opened registration.[1][2]

Promised attractions include a disco, laser show, "make-your-own-programming" room, and appearances by 2 the Ranting Gryphon and Uncle Kage.[1] Latin Vixen, co-owner of mascot maker MixedCandy, is slated as the Guest of Honor.[3]

Registration before March 11 costs $25, or $50 for "Pimp" (sponsor) status, which comes with access to the con suite, free beer[4] and "a few special gifts."[5] Hotel reservations are not yet available, but a room rate of $67/$75 for King/Double rooms is advertised, along with free wireless Internet and breakfast.[1]


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