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Furry Down Under

Furry Down Under fully booked

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large_FurDUAtpaw.jpgAustralia's newest furry convention, FurDU (Furry Down Under), has announced reaching capacity for 2011.

FurDU organizer FlameDrake revealed that the 100-person cap on attendance was insisted upon by the Vibe Hotel, the same venue FurDU launched in April 2010. [tip: Jet Dingo]

Oz Kangaroo confirmed that staff are in discussion with several larger hotels on the Gold Coast, in the hope of lifting this cap in future years.

FurDU to draw furs down under to Gold Coast

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A new Australian convention — Furry Down Under, or FurDU — hopes to draw fans to Queensland's Gold Coast on 23-25 April.

The event is based in the Vibe hotel, not far from Surfers Paradise beach. Registration will be AU$30, while hotel rooms are AU$149 for two people.

The first forty registered attendees are also to receive a "generic tail".

The con was initial to be held in Melbourne, but the venue changed when organizers Oz Kangaroo and FlameDrake moved.