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FurDU to draw furs down under to Gold Coast

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A new Australian convention — Furry Down Under, or FurDU — hopes to draw fans to Queensland's Gold Coast on 23-25 April.

The event is based in the Vibe hotel, not far from Surfers Paradise beach. Registration will be AU$30, while hotel rooms are AU$149 for two people.

The first forty registered attendees are also to receive a "generic tail".

The con was initial to be held in Melbourne, but the venue changed when organizers Oz Kangaroo and FlameDrake moved.


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I was wondering when this would appear up here. XP

Three days of furry fun for under $200... You couldn't drag me away from this one ^^

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You could have reported it yourself! We have that "create story" menu item for a reason . . . *grin*

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Would you look at that... I never actually noticed XD

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cant wait its gonna be sick!!! and i promise to PWN atleast 1 person at outrun at timezone!

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