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Animation: 'Science Fare'

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Cartoon Brew has posted a sample of “Mike Carlo’s Cartoon Madness” to illustrate the Titmouse, Inc. animator’s personal short films. The 3’52” “Science Fare” was pitched to Nickelodeon a year ago. I guess that it did not sell.

The CB’s Jerry Beck says of Carlo's animation,

These are very polished, professional cartoons that look as good – and are just as funny – as anything on Adult Swim or Comedy Central. I predict he’ll be running his own show very soon.

I don’t care for the Adult Swim or Comedy Central style of animation, but “Science Fare” certainly is anthropomorphic.

When an ostrich loves a human

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According to this article from the BBC, ostriches raised by humans find it easy to try and court them.

My favorite line in this article:

"You would not want to go into a pen with an amorous ostrich," he said.

Words to live by...