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World of Color

Katy Lipscomb is an artist we met at Furry Weekend Atlanta. We were immediately impressed with her use of color while working in a variety of media. “Whether finding color in the most unexpected places or finding magic in the smallest of moments, Katy has always had an artistic eye for the world around her. Now, acting as the head of her own design firm, Katy shares the creatures she creates on almost every platform imaginable, from Children’s Books to Augmented Reality.” Her web site includes a store with lots of her art available in prints, on stickers, and as a very wide variety of illustrated bookmarks.

image c. 2024 by Katy Lipscomb

Artist depicts 126 ACME Corp. products on giant poster

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ACME iron bird seedWired reports that Chicago artist Rob Loukotka has created an advertising poster for fictional ACME Corp. that shows 126 of its products that Wile E. Coyote has ordered in his attempts to catch the Road Runner, including the jet-propelled tennis shoes, rocket-powered pogo stick, and tornado seeds.

The giant poster (24” x 36”, or 2’ x 3’) is not quite ready to order. Loukotka has a Kickstarter project to raise $3,000 to print it. Considering that the project is still going and that he has $79,110 pledged so far, this looks assured. Loukotka is asking for $30 pledges; each pledger will receive the poster. Non-pledgers can buy it for $30 after it is printed; $40 outside the U.S

Loukotka has other posters, but this is the only one with an anthropomorphic tie-in.

Update (21 Dec): The Cartoon Brew reports that Warner Bros. trademarked the ACME logo, too, though Loukotka was careful not to mention WB or Wile E. Coyote on the poster. [Ed.: The USPTO cancelled the trademark in 2010 as they failed to file a 10-year renewal.]

'Twokinds' book project blasts through $25,000 funding goal

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Twokinds volume 2 and 1Fans have come out in force for a printing drive for Volumes 1 and 2 of Twokinds. [Killbunny90210]

The Kickstarter drive reached its $25,000 goal in 12 hours, and now stands at $69,581 from 716 backers.

In response, Twokinds artist Tom Fischbach has promised to switch to twice-weekly updates if pledges reach $100,000 in the next 28 days. Update (17 May): Total: $197,513/2,463 backers.

Twokinds was voted Best Anthropomorphic Graphic Story in the 2010 Ursa Major Awards, but was not nominated (or declined nomination) this year.

The drive is to provide stock for Volume 2, and replace the print-on-demand edition of Volume 1.

A wide variety of pledge rewards are on offer, including a map, poster, larger and limited-edition hardback editions, side-comics, digital downloads, sketches and cameo placements.