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Rocky Mountain Fur Con canceled following neo-Nazi associations, tax irregularities

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Colorado furry convention Rocky Mountain Fur Con has been canceled. Funds collected in advance of this August's event are to be spent on existing liabilities, and refunding attendees and dealers where possible; any remainder will go to the convention charity.

While their official statement cites rising security costs, the closure follows the controversial issues surrounding CEO Kendal Emery (Kahuki Liaru), and the "Furry Raiders" group. It has also been discovered by Flayrah that the convention's parent company's Federal tax-exempt status, obtained in 2009, had lapsed, and it had not filed taxes for a period of seven years, while still claiming to be a registered 501(c) non-profit. In this investigative report we can identify the issues that have contributed to the end of Denver's furry convention.

RMFC seeks $30,000 to survive

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Rocky Mountain Fur Con

Rocky Mountain Fur Con, based in Denver, Colorado, is facing tough times. Despite 35% growth, debt has led 2009 chairman Sorin Kat to plea for $30,000 to keep the event alive.[1]

The convention's organizers are actively soliciting large donations, offering lifetime memberships and board seats in exchange for funds. Over $4,000 has been raised so far.

RMFC's problems stem from a charge for not filling its room block: a set of hotel rooms reserved for attendees at a significantly-reduced rate. Sorin — who is also treasurer for RMFC's managing organization — says the event was "operating at a surplus if not for this one debt … [which] was based solely on our estimation of room rentals".[2]

Despite the debt, organizers still hope to find space this year at a smaller, more affordable location over August 7-9. Failing that, the convention may be postponed to 2010.[2]