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RMFC seeks $30,000 to survive

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Rocky Mountain Fur Con

Rocky Mountain Fur Con, based in Denver, Colorado, is facing tough times. Despite 35% growth, debt has led 2009 chairman Sorin Kat to plea for $30,000 to keep the event alive.[1]

The convention's organizers are actively soliciting large donations, offering lifetime memberships and board seats in exchange for funds. Over $4,000 has been raised so far.

RMFC's problems stem from a charge for not filling its room block: a set of hotel rooms reserved for attendees at a significantly-reduced rate. Sorin — who is also treasurer for RMFC's managing organization — says the event was "operating at a surplus if not for this one debt … [which] was based solely on our estimation of room rentals".[2]

Despite the debt, organizers still hope to find space this year at a smaller, more affordable location over August 7-9. Failing that, the convention may be postponed to 2010.[2]

Conventions face a balancing act when it comes to room blocks. Conservative booking reduces the risk of attrition, but can lead to insufficient rooms, less function space, and a higher room rate.[3] RMFC's situation echos that of ConFurence, which at one point risked owing $70,000 to its hotel due to declining attendance.[4]

If efforts to revive the event fail, it will not be alone. Seven North American furry events closed their doors in the last decade, some after only one or two years.[5] Others, like FA: United, have been forced to reschedule in the face of the current economic crisis.[6][7]


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