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Ubuntu Furry Remix

Ubuntu Furry Remix gets paint job, Bamboo support

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Remember Ubuntu Furry Remix? There's a new version out (10.04) with an art software focus.

The distribution ships with GIMP Paint Studio (package) – a set of brushes and presets intended to improve the free image editor's usefulness for designers and artists. Support for the Wacom Bamboo and many other graphic tablets is included, as are five more furry wallpapers.

Ubuntu 10.04 is a long term release, with full support through 2013.

Russian furs release beta remix of Ubuntu

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Ubuntu Furry Remix

A team led by Russian WikiFur administrator Shnatsel have released the first beta of a furry-themed version of Linux distribution Ubuntu.

The collaboration includes a boot skin, several wallpapers by Kosh (Alexander Faolchu), icons, a Metacity themes, a GIMP splash screen, and eight sets of smilies. A full GTK+ theme and logon screen are scheduled for future builds.

A prior effort to create such a distribution — Furbuntu — appears to have stalled in 2008.