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Russian furs release beta remix of Ubuntu

Edited as of Sun 24 Jul 2011 - 22:16
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Ubuntu Furry Remix

A team led by Russian WikiFur administrator Shnatsel have released the first beta of a furry-themed version of Linux distribution Ubuntu.

The collaboration includes a boot skin, several wallpapers by Kosh (Alexander Faolchu), icons, a Metacity themes, a GIMP splash screen, and eight sets of smilies. A full GTK+ theme and logon screen are scheduled for future builds.

A prior effort to create such a distribution — Furbuntu — appears to have stalled in 2008.


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Well does anything else come with it though?

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Yes - the Ubuntu software itself. :-)

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...I'm going to wait till more programs are added.

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Already saw this system. Well... It looks nice. :3
Looks like it's time to learn to use Linux.

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A finished 9.10 remix is released.

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why is there no new version? It would also be great to have a live CD / DVD

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There was a slightly newer version, but that probably doesn't count as "new" anymore.

As for why... sanctions? Shnatsel's spending his time on Rust now (and may be a pony). Not sure about the other team members.

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