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Bad Karma shutters Ychan, Yiffy International,

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In a sudden move, Bad Karma Networks has closed the Ychan image board, furry art community and forum Yiffy International, and stoner fur community site

When we're young the day stands still, but as we age time begins to speed us by until it seems there is never enough. We're proud of how far the community has come in the 11 years since we opened our doors, but sadly we no longer have the time to make this the site that you deserve. We'll miss you and the fun we've had together deeply - but remember that in every ending is a new beginning. We wish you the best in all your new beginnings to come!

Parts of Yiffy International - formed by a three-way merger in August 2008 - had been up since 2002, while Ychan launched March 2008. opened in 2007 as launch new image board

Your rating: None Average: 4.3 (4 votes), one of the furry fandom's largest web portals and databases, has launched a new furry-orientated image board. Named Ychan, this mature-art only image board attempts to take on the giant that is fchan - either that or it hopes to replace the Yiff Image Board, which closed in February 2007.