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Look Out! Gremlins On Line.

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Back in the day, E.T. Bryan and E.W. Bryan created Gremlin Trouble, a black & white anime-inspired comic book series about a hapless storm fairy turned into a puffy-tailed gremlin by a bolt of lightning — and the adventures that came next. That only begins to scratch the surface of how crazy this fantasy/adventure/j-pop story became. Well now, that same team have returned on line with Gremlin Princess: “Digit, a young Gremlin Princess and her pushy fairy best friend Appleblossom are enrolled in Miss Stahlbacken’s Academy for Young Entities, a harsh discipline school for fairy delinquents. There, sadistic magic using overseers rule, technology is banned, and escape is impossible. Hilarity ensues.” Makes much more sense, yes? See what you can figure out by visiting the Anti-Ballistic Pixelations web site.

image c. 2014 by E.T. Bryan

image c. 2014 by E.T. Bryan


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