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Forgive Him His Transgressions

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Before Outland, WAY before Mars Needs Moms, even before Bloom County… he brought us The Academia Waltz. That was creator Berkeley Breathed’s first foray into comic strips, running in The Daily Texan at the University of Texas at Austin while he was still a student there. Now IDW have collected the complete strip (along with some of Mr. Breathed’s political cartoons and other items of archival interest) in a giant 300-plus page hardcover book, Academia Waltz and Other Profound Transgressions. You can look for it this June, or read all about it over at Comic Book Resources. Much more immediately (just this week, in fact!) IDW are offering The Humble Bloom County Comics Bundle, offering hundreds of pages of original Bloom County strips (black & white and full color) in digital format for downloading — all at reduced prices! But hurry on over to the Humble Bundle web site because the sale is on only from now until March 18th!

image c. 2015 IDW Publishing

image c. 2015 IDW Publishing


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