Freedomain 'Cult' leader to furry, "Leave your otter family."

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A recent video has popped up on Youtube and was sent to me by a corgi friend of mine. Apparently someone by the name of Stefan Molyneux had interviewed a furry in a video named: The Shocking Furry Fandom Conversation. Yes, Really!. Given the thumbnail containing the mugs of the leaders of the Furry Raiders I thought this person was interviewing them, but as it turns out the content of the video didn’t seem to have anything to do with the controversial alt-furry group.

Or at least that is what I thought coming away from the video. As I did more investigation into this Mr. Molyneux and the methods in which he is infamous I started to come to a bit of a more darker conclusions and questioning the intent of the video. Could this seemingly innocent interview with a random YouTuber actually be a propaganda piece crafted to fulfill as a recruitment tool aimed at furries? A way to take aim at those in the furry fandom and have them join the Freedomain fandom, a group which seems to have been noted as having cult-like qualities by some press releases?

Well I don’t know about all that. In fact, the reason I put the word cult in the headline is simply because Stephan put the word sex next to furry on his video’s thumbnail. And like me seeing those two words together for the purpose of click-bait made me eye-roll, I’m sure seeing his organization being called a cult all the time earns similar expression from Mr. Molyneux. Also, inquiring to Patch, he seemed to indicate that Leon was an actual person and the conversation was legitimate. So, with that in mind, I gave it a second watch and highlighted items of interest, both good and bad in the conversation.

In Memoriam: RonRon the YouTube fox

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Internet-famous vulpine Ron the Fox, well known for the YouTube videos depicting his life, passed away in his sleep on April 6 (video), just ten days before his eighth birthday.

Former owner Albi Azul says he found Ron curled peacefully under his favourite picnic table. Albi had hoped to film an episode commemorating his channel reaching 100,000 subscribers; the award arrived just a few days too late.

News of Ron's death was widely distributed, and inspired art from many furry fans, including crashheart, Muzz, azora and Haru; it also received coverage in the Irish Examiner.

A combination "thank-you" and "memorial" video clip was uploaded on the morning of April 9, but be warned: it is very depressing: Goodbye, silly RonRon, sleep tight.

2012 Recommended Anthropomorphics List needs your help

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Ursa Major Awards, by Heather Bruton… if you read Chinese.

There has been a recommendation of this one-minute TV commercial from Hong Kong, for the Mannings Plus pharmacy chain. It was first posted on YouTube on January 3; we presume it first appeared on TV this year.

The Recommended Anthropomorphics List tries to give credit to not only the sponsor of recommended TV commercials, but also the advertising agency that produced the commercial and, if possible, the ad agency’s director of the commercial. In this case, all the information is in Cantonese, which we cannot read.

We have asked the recommender and on YouTube, but we do not have a reply yet. Can anyone help? Are there any credits here for who made the commercial?

Furries on Youtube

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the scoop on the furry group, N*F*M on

Many furries as of late, have reported being "Trolled" on the popular media site, While many furries are choosing to ignore comments left by trolls on their YT channels, as well as in video comments, and personal messages, some furries are taking a stand.

Many small groups have appeared across YouTube, all seemingly linked to one main group, the New*Furry*Military or the N*F*M. This leads to the questions, what happened to the OLD Furry Military, and why does the leader, MrDisambiguation, want to post this group all over the internet? What does he hope to gain? Perhaps he wants to be a famous fur? Or maybe he just wants to make a point.

I'll be keeping tabs on this subject until I dig up these and many other answers.

A musing by Fluke

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I went on YouTube today, it happens sometimes. It is a good place to go find some easy entertainment of some idiot sticking fireworks in his trousers or something. So there I was having a laugh at all these videos when I see a certain video of the most recent exploits at Anthrocon.

I laugh, I enjoy the video, I go to leave a comment. Already many furs had left their opinions on how awesome it is; the comments all positive and cheery! But all of a sudden they exploded! Where there were happy furs they were replaced with angry, screaming furs! All shouting nasty comments at the 'dirty mundanes'...

I took a double take and I wondered what could have triggered such uproar, I had to squint to see it but I found it...


The YouTube Furry War

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'The YouTube Furry War'; the name really says it all. Starting around the end of July this year, said "war" has been raging ever since, with diverse participants on both sides. Many ask why I started to and still do partake in this "war" - the reason is quite simple. If someone - hell, anyone - backs from this then it's somehow a "win" for the other side. And, with my infamy within the trolling ranks (they really hate logic), if I at any point back out then it's going to be a "victory" for the voracious losers.

Still, not all the haters involved are trolls. A troll is someone who hates and dirupts for the hell of it (ala chav - associated with juvenile delinquency, the "ASBO Generation", "Hoodie culture", and "yob culture".) Users such as StarNut45, Amnesty667 and srpuntas show that some haters have genuine reasons for hating furry kind. Coincidentally those three have since removed themselves from the way, StarNut actually giving a full apology. These are the people that furries should do more than just like, these are people who we should respect. They have the decency to actually admit - in front of hundreds - that they're basically wrong.

There are other haters who can teach us lessons however. And here I've is what some of them have taught me personally.