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Sjöberg on Savage

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Lore Fitzgerald Sjöberg, proprietor of the popular comedy site The Brunching Shuttlecocks, has weighed in on the recent Dan Savage furry columns on his new website, The Slumbering Lungfish. Sjöberg has previously written about furries, and used them as the bottom rung of a geek hierarchy.



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I'd like to point out that Furries were infact a middle rung.

Furries who write erotic startrek fanfic with themselves in the plot were the bottom rung.

And no, I'm not bitter because someone decided to tell me about their Reboot Fanfic at length at a con last weekend...

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Heh, same diff. They're still furries, even if they are the most strangest and indeed pathetic combination of genres I've seen (my personal opinion, not some divine statement of truth, mind you). I found it funny when I saw the furry arrows on the chart pointing in reverse to everyone above them in turn. ;P

Fana McCloud

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Yes, but furries who write erotic startrek fanfic with Kirk being, like, an ocelot or something... and get it published... are at the top rung.

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All in all, a fair an apt assesment then.

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I think this is actually a pretty good observation, and I even thought of another group to back it up. Anime fandom is also centered around something other than a genre, and it also has some of the same image problems, if perhaps not quite to the same degree...

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