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White Bear Hunting Banned

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While I had recently run across mention of a rarely seen variety of ursine known as the glacier bear in Lynn Schooler's book The Blue Bear, I wasn't expecting actual photos of one to be making the news this week. Thanks to photographer Pat Costello and the photos he took of the Spirit Bear, unusually fast action was taken by the Alaskan Game Board to ban any hunting of said bear in the Juneau region. Additional information can be found at the Juneau Bears site, which has a number of outbound links currently connected to the story.


Your rating: None Average: 5 (1 vote)

Bear hunting Ban? But... but how do they expect that poor white bear to survive if he's not allowed to hunt?

That is unusually quick for any govt. agency. I just hope news gets out to the field fast enough to do some good.

Reality is not only stranger than we think, it's stranger than we CAN think!

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