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Can you be a genius if your dog doesn't talk?

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Barry Deutsch's weblog for today has a wonderful argument that almost every best daily strips has had a talking animal.

from MelSkunk: The original submission included the full article, with links, from the website. For copyright reasons, we can't reproduce full stories from other sources on this site. The blog currently has this interesting debate on the front page.


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And mark one up for anthropomorphics!

Tho I am anything but in agreement with the article that follows. Peanuts outclasses Garfield? With all due respect to the late Schultz, I NEVER liked Peanuts. As a matter of fact I have usually disdained it with a passion (if such a thing can be done). I won't go into the reasons why, suffice to say I seldom (I would say "never" but for the occasional Red Baron & 'writing atop the doghouse' sequence) found the strip genuinely funny, and would not have even if the characters were anthro.

But.... that's just me. Garfield was a childhood idol of mine... which probably partially explains why I have battled weight problems for much of my life. ^_^ Ah well... *wonders whatever happened to Arlene, Lyman and Nermal*

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Peanuts outclasses Garfield? With all due respect to the late Schultz, I NEVER liked Peanuts.

Depends on your tastes. I enjoyed the first half-dozen Garfield books a lot, but it got repetitive real fast. Admittedly, Peanuts also got repetitive, but my subjective impression is that it was cycling through a larger set of gags and characters and backdrops };>.


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- *wonders whatever happened to Arlene, Lyman and Nermal* -

I think Lyman found a job, Nermal decided she liked it in Abu Dhabi and Arlene finally got won over from Garfield's affections... at least, that's from what I know... oh, and Odie's doing a part-time circus act... ^_^

Heh, I know, messing around, but that's what I like to think happened.

Tlaren }:=8}

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