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10th Aniversary Approaching

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Had a little accident with the WayBack machine. (Stupid dog!)
Anyways, here's a little anniversary approaching that I bet
none of us have thought about - it has been 10 years now since
the Sci-Fi Channel began broadcasting!

My, how the dream has changed since then...

Allen Kitchen (shockwave)

Subject: 24 Hour Sci-Fi Channel
Date: 29 Jun 92 16:44:47 GMT
Lines: 69

Hi everybody. I recently went the the Star Trek Creation Convention in
N.Y.C. and I would like to pass some information along about the new 24 Hour
Sci-Fi Channel that is in production. They were handing out flyers about the
channel, so I will share that information with everybody on the list! Every-
thing below is direct from the flyers, and there is nothing else added by


Every science ficiton fan's dream is a reality on the SCI-FI CHANNEL, a new
national cable network featuring science ficiton, fantasy, and horror pro-
gramming TWENTY FOUR HOURS a day, seven days a week.

Here's some of what you'll see on the SCI-FI Channel:

Buck Rogers
Dark Shawdows
Dr. Who
Battlestar Galactica
Space: 1999
The Prisoner
Flash Gordon
The New Adventures of Flash Gordon
The Invaders
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Bionic Woman
Steven Spielberg's Amazing Stories One Step Beyond
Rod Serlings Night Gallery
My Secret Identity
Incredible Hulk
Suspense Theatre
Gemini Man
Invisible Man
Misfits Of Science
Hitchhikers's Guide to the Galaxy Otherworld
Probe Voyagers
Night Stalker Defenders Of The Earth
Captain Scarlet vs. the Mysterions Alien Nation (Series and Movie)
Star Trek-The Animated Series Star Trek Movies
Robinson Crusoe on Mars
Man Without A Body
The Colossus of New York The Space Childres
The Skull
Star Wars
Conquest of Space
The Abyss War Of The Worlds

Original, never-before-seen science fiction movies and series and much more!

The televison of tomorrow is here today.



For more information, write:

Marketing Department
1230 Avenue of the Americas
New York, N.Y. 10020
(212) 408-9100


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Nope, the dream's come full circle.
They started out running re-runs...
then started doing 'original series"...
and with the cancellation of Farscape this week, they're headed back to re-runs again....

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I can only watch Universal Soldier 3 so many times before a channel starts to wear its welcome thin. With Farscape being canned now I have even less reason to watch it.

"We use them for divine retribution."

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I also can't recall them showing about 1/4 of the shows above. When was the last time they ran "Dr Who?" I don't think they've shown "V" in the last three years...


"We use them for divine retribution."

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Yeah. I'd kill (figuratively, duh) to see a "Prisoner" marathon. Sci-Fi REALLY needs to delve into their archives... their ratings would probably jump, if for no other reason than because many of today's generation have not seen many of the classics. Dr. Who could definitely need a dusting-off.

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They blew all their licensing budget on the various CGI station identifiers and lead-ins for things like "Sci-nema Friday." ;)

"We use them for divine retribution."

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As much as I love Farscape, I wonder about the figure of 1.5 million an episode. Perhaps they went way overboard on a few episodes and tried to catch up with others - how much does it cost to film people wandering around a parking garage and running over Rygel with a VW? And how many times are Rygel and D'Argo going switch makeup / personalities with other characters? Where's all that money going to?

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