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ConFurence 11 Video might be available by Conifur

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The "ConFurence 11: Furries in Asia" Souvenir Video is currently being mastered to both DVD and VHS tape, and we might have a few available in time for Conifur Northwest.

Many thanks go to David Bliss for editing together video from several sources, including his own footage, and for artfully replacing copyright-protected music with suitable royalty-free music tracks. The video flows very well, and covers many aspects of the convention... I'm pretty happy with it.

DVD's of the 2-hour program will cost $19 each, and VHS Tapes will be $15 each.All proceeds from sales of the video go into The ConFurence Group's general fund to help pay for next year's convention, which is again returning to the Hilton Burbank Airport and Convention Center, and marks our 15th convention (Wow!).

The ConFurence Group has a table in Conifur's Dealer's Room, although Kris and I are not arriving until very late Friday Night (last plane out of San Diego). We will have T-Shirts from past conventions, pre-registration memberships for "ConFurence 2003: The Furry West", and hopefully, enough videos to satisfy the demand. If we run out, or if the videos are not available in time, we will accept mail-orders at ConiFur Northwest, for an additional $4 to cover postage.

I hope to see ya there!

--Darrel L. Exline


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