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Furry Track at Conjecture (Oct 18-20, San Diego)

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Next weekend's Conjecture, a new Fantasy / Gaming / Literary Science Fiction convention in San Diego will have a large Furry programming track.

Conjecture is run by the San Diego Speculative Fiction Society, which is a non-profit corporation formed to advance SciFi/Fantasy fandom in and around San Diego.

Conjecture's Dealer's Room is being run by Darrel L. Exline, known to most of you as the director of The ConFurence Group. Their Art Show is being run by Glen Wooten (artist Terrie Smith's husband).

Several of the discussion panels on the tentative schedule will be familiar to furry fans, with input from several noted authors. There will also be a Furry Party on Friday Night of the Convention.Confirmed artists in Conjecture's ArtShow include:
Margaret Carspecken
Pacharin Chan
Alan Clark
Karen Cosner
Brent Englehart
Susan Gleason
Mira Hall
Mary Hanson-Roberts
Theresa Mather
Therri Moore
Betsy Mott
Margaret Organ-Kean
Jeanne Roger
Sandra Santara
Nene Thomas
Cathy Wappel
James Wappel

With attendance expected to be around 300-500 people, this show could be quite a bargain-hunter's paradise.

Additional artists who have said they might sending artwork to this convention include Monika Livingstone, Natasha Mleynek and Michelle Light.


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