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Media Bribes Sheraton Tacoma staff

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In a fun, new twist with the media circus, this prick bribed staff at the Sheraton Tacoma to get some material to hurt Conifur's cred. Hopefully, CFNW's staff will get this resolved with the hotel.


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Out of curiosity, just who is this clown? I've never heard of him before.

And does anyone know whether or not his loudmouthed proclamation actually has any teeth behind it? Or is he just whistling in the wind?


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They guy's got actual balls? Wow, that's a first. I'm impressed, not only did the punk get gutsy enough to bribe somebody (and I hope that person got fired), but he didn't totally make us out to be "they're heathen bastards and they're all going to Hell!", more like "ok, you're freakin' weird, whatever"

Gotta applaud this guy, whoever he is.

Tlaren }:=8}

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Why is there so much hullabaloo about this article anyways? I've read it three times now, and frankly... It's nothing much.
If anything the article seemed to boil down to, "Hey, wait a minute! I was told Furries were some sort of bizarre sexual fetish freaks! How come their con doesn't look like it?!?"
Of course he wasn't actually at the con.

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I think the reason and the only reason this was posted about at Flayrah is because the authot of this 'article' lightly assumes that all furries are in it for the sexual aspects of the fandom. He seems to think that all furs fantasize about having sex with anthromorphs, and makes an interesting generalization about what anthromorphs look like.

I had never heard of this guy before or his web page, and I don't think many people have. I don't expect this to raise much fuss at all since it is so poorly written and has no bite to it at all and is largely unknown.

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For those wondering, "The Stranger" is a free local (Seattle, WA) newspaper. I do not read it myself, so have not before heard of this particular author. His very poor journalistic approach and truly weak article shall probably bring to the fandom no more attention than it has already received lately.

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Fluff, fluff, fluff.... Wouldn't waste my time except for:

"I haven't seen anything really perverted. But they all look EXACTLY like those 'polyamorous' people who are always on MTV and the talk shows because they are, like, in a three-way marriage. They are creepy in that exact same way."

That's an insult??? It's moments like these that remind me why I'm profoundly happy to be Weird. I will take all the insults in the world so long as it means I'm different from those who do the insulting.

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This writer should talk, (If you can call him an writer) look at the place he works. That place is so kinked up and backwards it makes the furry fandom look like absolute perfection in a sexuality sense... If they really want to report on something funky maybe they should take a look behind the scenes at their own editorial board.


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Adrian "Too Gay" Ryan works at The Stranger , and I bet he was sent there by his editor.....
Dan Savage (where have we heard that name before). Trust me....he's far weirder than us could every be, and admits so in his article. Don't take this hack seriously ...nobody locally does.

Peace ... Rockyr W. Raccoon (Bremerton, Wa.)

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The way this was written up for Flayrah is completely misleading and makes this twink out to be a lot more of a threat than he really is. Read the article: he didn't bribe the staff member "to get some material to hurt Conifur's cred [sic]." He wasn't out to destroy Conifur, he was after any dirt he could get on the furry fandom in general, and it sounds like Conifur was just convenient to try and dig up material from.

Frankly I find this attempt at "shock journalism" pretty laughable, but the reaction it's generating within the fandom is even funnier. Talk about making a mountain out of a molehill. This guy all but said "I thought this was going to be full of material, but I was wrong. The best insult I can come up with is to say they look like weird people." Wow, if that's the worst insult he can fling, then let him write about the fandom any time he wants. I'll take thirty of his so-called articles over a single MTV special any day.

Also, from the article: "I trashed the idea and did what I do best: bribed a hotel employee with promises of fame to do my dirty work and report back!" It doesn't sound like this guy actually passed any cash to the hotel employee. Instead it sounds as if he just gave them a lot of empty promises, so I bet they're feeling pretty damn stupid right about now since they essentially did this schlock's work for free. In short, they got used and thrown away. If that's not poetic justice, I don't know what is.

"We use them for divine retribution."

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So in summary, the guy's a sleezeball, he got nothing and admitted it,
we're probably none the worse for his efforts. Well, that's sort-of
good news. (Heck, I'll even buy sort-of good these days!)

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We have been informed about this 'article' in The Stranger, a local minor publication in the Seattle area when it came out originally. The publication has no journalistic credit amongst the community as it is an entertainment and silly rag to joke over. It is not even up to the National Enquirer's level of professionalism for dedicated journalism.

That said, the article was just fine the way it is. They expected to find that the people at ConiFur fit their preconceived image of a bunch of slobbering sex fiends running around in fursuits. Instead, they could only find out about Pictionary and Cartoons and Cereal. Even they had to admit there wasn't anything going on and, well... frankly we were boring to them.

I think it's one of the better pieces of media attention the furry fandom has ever had.

We have met the enemy, but they were boring so we left. Heh.

-Dan Canaan / Flinthoof
-ConiFur NorthWest

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I read the article and laughed my ass off at the overreaction of whomever posted the original statement here! Good lord...he looked for smut and couldn't find it - good! Let him announce this to his hearts content!

Ya wanna worry about coverage? Worry about the damned European camera crew that was there, lying to staff and congoers alike about their motives and actions, to get their 'underground' story.

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Or... you can over react about a film crew that visited ConiFur for the ARTE network that will be showing an 8 minute long report on furries for a children's invention/entertainment show to be seen in France and Germany.

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