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New Wallace and Gromit shorts hits the web

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Aardman Animation (creators of "Chicken Run") has posted a series of ten short films titled "Crackling Contraptions" and featuring their well-known characters Wallace and Gromit. The first film, "Soccamatic," is available now and may be downloaded for free, as can a trailer for the other nine episodes. The rest of the series will be available on October 22 and is downloadable for a US$9.95 fee.

The BBC also reports that Aardman director Nick Park is working on a script with Dreamworks SKG for the first Wallace and Gromit feature-length film, to be released in two years.


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This is fine and dandy....

But I rather watch them on my tv player with my DVD (and yes legally). I hope they make a pay program (with more $$$$) that I can buy the episodes on dvd. That would make me happy :)

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