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You've got mail, AOL

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Jim McKenna and John Lieberman of California are just as tired as you are of seeing annoying AOL signup discs everywhere. But believe it or not, they want as many as they can get. The plan? Dropping a million AOL discs back at the doorstep of the company that spawned them. AOL discs appear everywhere, in magazines, at the movies, in the mail and at parties. The campain started when the friends went to rent a movie... and got an AOL disc with it. When they got home, another one was waiting in Lieberman's mailbox. It's very wasteful, but the company does say you can return the discs for recycling to them. Why not one million?Visit to see how many they have now.


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I love it...

Iron Badger!

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Oh, this is good!

I should collect the AOL CD's I am always getting one way or another. Sending them off to this guy so he can give 1 million CD's to AOL would be great.

I wonder what AOL's reaction to this would be?

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i used to love it when files were small enough to put on floppy and aol's come on was distributed that way - i just reformatted them and never had to buy any. since they went to cd's though all the're good for is drink coasters. although the mailer they send them out in is reusable to send your own cds throught the mail with. and the slipcover arraingement you can easily print your own to replace it with.
needless to say i never bought into antartica off line myself ...
i did hear somewhere that some of their insiders are pointing fingers of blaime at marketting budget extravigance for recent financial woes ... can't immagine why that could possibly be ... ~;)

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