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Jarlidium Press debuts two new books at Further Confusion

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Jarlidum Press has announced the release of two new books just in time for Further Confusion.

THREE APPLES, written and drawn by Miguel Estrugo, aka Artie Roo. (Black
and white, 72 pages plus cardstock covers) "This book is a wonderful adventure with
fantastic detail and lots of cleverly hidden puns and gags in the background so you'll see
something new each time you read it," says Dan Canaan, editor and co-publisher.

VAMPIRIC ALBINO SQUIRRELS IN VINYL #2 Third in the Weird Tails series, with pinups from Oscar Marcus,
Noelani Manawolf, Zephery Hughes, Michael Caddell, and more, and a four-page Countessa
Vanessa story from Oscar Marcus! 32 pages including covers, black and white digest,
mature readers. "It's about exactly what the title suggests," says editor and co-publisher,
James Birdsall.


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