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The Uncanny Valley

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Totally interesting article talking about a Japanese researcher's work with how humans can be more comfortable with androids, and what that means for furry. I'm psyched!


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I think Dave submitted this article to Fuzzy Logic, once upon a time. It's s shame I never printed it. I didn't realize he had it on the web himself...thanks for linking to it, Mel!

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What an excellent article. I'm gonna suggest it to Karl for possible inclusion in the FC2003 Program Book. Congrats on a nice piece Dave.

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An absolutely fascinating article. Thanks for that MelSkunk! Everyone should read this ;-)


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An interesting example of an "uncanny valley" product:

The Furby.

I know that the first time I saw one move, I was creeped out, despite being the one who *bought* the darned thing.

The effect only lasted a day or two, though, after which the Furby was just another device. Still kind of neat.

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There's a wonderful short story by Fredric Brown called "Puppet Show" that explores some of these themes very well. Google couldn't come up with a link to the actual contents, but it has been collected in quite a few anthologies. Highly recommended!

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