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"Vampire Squirrel" attacks residents, is shot

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Yesterday (7th November), the Sun reported that a "vampire squirrel" had been terrorising the residents of Knutsford, Cheshire.
The "ghastly grey fiend" attacked six people before fleeing to the safety of a fence. "You don't expect that from a squirrel," said one victim, whose ankle was "lacerated".
However, Today's edition updates the story. The squirrel has been shot dead while attacking the grandfather of one of his victims.


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That really is a shame. I wonder what got into him/her that made it do that.

..... reading too many "Bunnicula" books perhaps? ;)

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Too bad there isn't a British NRA!

Would have been Squirrel and Noodles for dinner days sooner! ;)

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people are idiots.
tabloids are idiots.
little furry creatures with big sharp theeth can and sometimes do bite.
and oh gee it hurts.
as if slaming your finger in your car door didn't.
now if everyone would shoot their cars when they do that ...
well it's not like squirells are indangered or anything - but sometimes it's too bad hoomans aren't ... ~;)
and yah squirrell stew is ok - too many sharp little bones though ... ~;)

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