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Following up the sale of the furrymuck.* domains....

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Some of you who have been following the news may have noticed that the Ebay auction for the, .com and .net domains has disappeared. Read on for Darrel's Exline's post to AFF in regards to what happened:

Well, since the cat's out of the bag (no pun intended) I might as well explain
the parts that I am aware of:

Apparently, all it takes to stop a bid on EBay is to fill out a generic form
claiming that you are the registered Owner of a trademark, service mark, or
slogan that a particular bid is violating, and EBay will pull the auction
without even investigating it. EBay calls it their VeRO program, and it's very
sloppy. I can't even find out from them the identity of the "VeRO" that pulled
this stunt was.

Anyways, as I was the highest bidder at the time the auction was pulled, Dwight
felt that the only fair thing to do was to go ahead and sell it to me at the
last bid amount, $500.

I would have much rather have seen the auction go to it's completion... it
doesn't seem completely fair that because some yahoo thought that it was wrong
to sell the domains at all (or maybe it just went higher than they could afford)
that they removed the friendly competition that was going on amongst the higher

The transaction has since been completed, and I currently hold the, .net, and .org domains. Registry Ownership changes may take a
little while, as ownership changes have to be processed via Snail-mail, but the
contact information has already been modified. I will call my Webhost provider
on Monday and setup the new DNS entries.

I am offering the .org and .net addresses to the collective FurryMUCK wizards
and admins as a gift. Once they decide what to do with them, if they want them
at all, I will transfer the ownership to whoever they designate as the new

(No sense in anyone trying to speak for the FM wizards and Admins... There is
one single FM Wizard I've already been speaking with as the contact I will
accept instructions from, and that person will be gathering the consensus
information from the other wizards and admins for me).

I will build a website that the address will point to, which will
be used to promote FurryMUCK in a manner that is acceptable to the FM wizards
and admins... I've even asked for their input for content.

And yes... there will be an obligitory, yet discrete banner link to the
ConFurence Group website, at the bottom of the website, simply to note the website's owner and host. That's all
I'm asking for hosting the website on my nickel.

There you have it.


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