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What is your favorite online furry game?

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12% (16 votes)
One not listed
9% (12 votes)
I don't play any
34% (46 votes)
Votes: 137


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I don't really 'play' FurryMUCK so much as I 'use it' to avoid paying long distance fees.

"We use them for divine retribution."

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Just curious - if you answered "One not listed", which one is it?

Is TLKMuck still around?

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I like Furcadia and I've played it for nearly 3 1/2 years now...But I still think it would be better if there was a real RPing in there, like killing monsters, gaining money, etc. I had to try and tell alot of newbies that there wasn't anything like that in Furcadia, unless you join a guild who deals with things like that, and they would quit on the spot =P

I actually voted for FurToonia...Even tho I'm still new to it, I find the furs on there more friendly and more welcoming. I can actually have FUN around them, and they'll play along with it! Something I used to do in Furcadia when I was first there, back in 1997, but just doesn't feel like it has the same spirit as it used to have.

Furry Artist since 1997

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I don't know a lot about Furcadia, but I do have to say that most of the "popular" M* packages out there for online games aren't lending themselves well to RP anymore. MUDs are a little to cold and rigid, but are about the best thing for it, I think. MUCKs... looking at the FB code I have to say it's going more and more towards being a "play around and talk" sort of software package. MUSHs might be better than MUCKs for RPing, as I've seen some neat things done with them for it, but I never could get my head around the system and it seems to me that their coding is nowhere near as intuitive or flexible as MPI/MUF that the MUCKs can have. I could be wrong on this, though. Anybody with coding experience for games want to chip in? Revar, are you out there?

"We use them for divine retribution."

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I'll admit I'm not much of a roleplayer usually, so my coding probably reflects that attitude. In general, I code up things for MUCK that make it more flexible, faster, or easier to use. I also code up what people ask for. The Muck server is just a generalized toolset. What folks make of it depends on what they want, and have the skill to implement.

The server could be used quite well for implementing RP rules sets, stats, etc., but in practice, few people go to the effort. That's probably the main problem there, that the muck requires too much development work to make it enforce RP rules. Most folks like to use mucks as a glorified chat system with persistence, descriptions, and background, so it tends to reflect such.

Having said that, there are a few places who have used Muck servers to implement things like space flight environments, with multiple planets in 3D space, etc.. There have even been a few places who implemented RP stat systems. One place even had server-helped anonymity rules, so you didn't see the name of a person you just met, until they introduced themselves. Even then you may not even know their real character name, but just the alias they gave.

The most interesting RP mucks I've seen, though, didn't even use stats systems, but instead had freeform roleplaying between a group of like-minded folks in a well described world setting. But then, with that, the server is almost irrelevant, and just makes a backdrop anyways.

I could see the merit in a server that had the d20 or GURPS (or whatever) rulesets implemented intrinsicly to start with. But wouldn't that niche already be handled by one of the various LP, Diku, etc mud servers?

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