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Earth Eternal is coming back!

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So get out your katana, because this time it's kemono style!

Almost a month ago on 31 December 2010, Snoopy007 found a very interesting page on the website of Japanese game company Sankando.

The game is now called Ikimonogatari (???????), and is to be released somewhere around 3 months from now (not an official release date). Sankando is using the time to localize and appeal it to a Japanese audience. Screenshots of development still show the in-game text is in English.

For details, read the original forum post by Yon Fildibeck. If you're up on your Japanese Kanji, 4Gamer has some interviews with the new developers.

Editor's note: The game should not be confused with similarly-named late-1990s J-Pop band Ikimono-gakari.


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I'm happy to see that it's coming back, but couldn't they come up with a better English localized name? (Or just keep "Earth Eternal") "Iki Story" just isn't as appealing to me.

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Well, the actual site still has "Earth Eternal" as a subtitle. The Japanese title apparently translates to "story" of "living things", but I doubt they'll use that on any English pages.

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I saw that, and I guess google translate failed me again, but I just hope they keep then name. I'm quite fond of that name... Earth Eternal. Anyway, for being just another WoW clone, I thought that it was a decent game.

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I saw the trailer for it (I was on my iPod last time) and it actually looks promising. Time will tell.

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muy bueno el juego

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