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Furry MMO "Antilia" Kickstarter In Progress

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AntiliaAntilia, described by its kickstarter page as "an MMORPG featuring a beautiful world, original races, unique gameplay, and an innovative storytelling system", is produced by Colorado Springs, CO based Right Brain Games. With twelve days to go, this promising-looking furry MMORPG project is in need of funding. The existing version already features an unusually detailed crafting system along with four playable races, combat and magic.


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Nice looking art
furries and giant insects reminds me of the "Spellsinger" books. It mentions inspiration from favorite fantasy authors, I wonder which ones.

the concept of MMO's needs defending to me. I get the appeal as a thing to explore for a day but how much time should a person devote to that kind of activity? Ever hear people call them "the treadmill that makes you fat?" And the reason they are so successful- users are a tool to expand companies when they generate content... you serve them and pay for it. Storytelling with these grandiose worlds is cool and all but there's a value to limits and having a storyteller guide it with a personal vision. Or if it's about play, there's a whole topic about closed vs open ended imagination. and if doing "cooking" in a game, what about cooking something real instead of a bag of cheetos by the computer?

These newfangled MOO's are ruining the youth! In my day, kids only got to play the checker board after they milked the cows and pitched a barn full of hay... (shakes cane)

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When Guitar Hero first came out, featuring a guitar-like gadget where you have to "play along" with the game by pressing four or five buttons with just the right timing (DDR-style), I wondered how that was supposed to be an improvement on the old way we did it when I was growing up, which was to play along with the song on the stereo using an actual guitar.

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It's an improvement because playing an actual guitar is, like, freaking hard.

Seriously, I don't even play Guitar Hero on Hard mode.

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I can barely figure out how to re download music from itunes after it loses my music folder with 7000 albums on 1 magical future disc

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There's a livesteamed interview with the developers on YouTube, too!

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Wow. Talk about a blast from the past; Antilia was the earliest "furry" website I ever joined. I remember being promised the deer species would have a stripe pattern available, so I could have a zebroid character at the very least. :P

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this game has been in development before secondlife came along if this is true.

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The fact it failed its Kickstarter is causing a bit of an uncomfortable stir of introspection in indie games development crowd-funding circles:

Expectedly, the fact it openly courted furry fan interest was cited as part of the reason, but the author's final theory for its failing is even more disquieting.

It should be noted that the developers said they'd continue to fight on, but it's really sad that a game like this cannot get the backing it needs to become a thing.

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