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FurryMUCK changing its DNS name to

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FurryMUCK is updating its DNS name to ''. The server itself and the IP addresses (both IPv4 and IPv6) are *not* changing; just the DNS name. Sometime before the end of March the old name ( will be decommissioned.

The new name:, port 8888 (or 8899 for SSL)

Please see the FM_Status LiveJournal or @fm_status for more information. Thank you!

What's your favoured MU*?

13% (7 votes)
Tapestries MUCK
13% (7 votes)
Sociopolitical Ramifications
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2% (1 vote)
2% (1 vote)
2% (1 vote)
0% (0 votes)
The Lion King MUCK
4% (2 votes)
Pokémorph MUSH
2% (1 vote)
Meadows MUCK
8% (4 votes)
Altered Realities
0% (0 votes)
Something else (comment)
6% (3 votes)
That's like Second Life, right?
8% (4 votes)
That's like Furcadia, right?
8% (4 votes)
I don't do that "roleplaying" thing
33% (17 votes)
Votes: 52

FurryMUCK address: Use FURRY.COM, not

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About a year and a half ago, FurryMUCK dropped support for the two domains and Since then FurryMUCK has run at (ports 8888-8898 and 8899 SSL). You can also reach it at simply if you prefer. The official website is also at

The old domains (.org/.net) were maintained by their owner, not by the admins of FurryMUCK. The .org domain has now expired and soon the .net domain will as well. Many long-time players who still used the .org address have been unable to reach FurryMUCK as a result.

Please update your settings to only use the addresses instead. I'd also ask that you help spread the word in case you know others having the same connection problem.

Also, please note that the old website at hasn't been updated in ages and no longer will be. Please refer to the new one at instead. And yes -- if you're up for some volunteer work, we'd love a good webmaster to help modernize and update the site. :)

Feral! Announces Guests of Honour!

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The staff of Feral! is very pleased to announce that John Barrett is our guest of honour for Feral! 2003. Known for creating evocative, dynamic characters, John Barrett is a furry artist par excellence. Barrett is also known for his character Roxikat, who serves as the current mayor of FurryMUCK. You can visit Roxikat's website, and view some of the wonderful artwork, at

We are also greatly honoured to announce that Krahnos the Magi-Dragon will be our special guest for Feral! 2003. Krahnos creates works of warmth and feeling, whose soft lines and beautifully-realised characters transport you to worlds of Fantasy. To view some of Krahnos' works, you can visit his site at

See you at Feral!
20-24 August 2003

S'A'Alis Steps Down as FM Admin

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From the bulletin on FurryMuck:

The wizards of FurryMUCK SM regret to announce that S'A'Alis has chosen
to step down as wizard and administrator of FurryMUCK SM for personal
reasons. He has graciously offered to continue hosting the muck until
the transfer to a new site can be accomplished, and we are currently
finalizing plans for such a new site. We will have more details on the
move as they become available. --The Wizcore

What is your favorite online furry game?

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2% (3 votes)
7% (10 votes)
12% (16 votes)
One not listed
9% (12 votes)
I don't play any
34% (46 votes)
Votes: 137

FurryMuck Fully Restored

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The @bulletin today on FM:

As of this morning, FurryMuck SM and its services are fully
restored. The new IP address is All old ports
are functioning fine. DNS changes will be propogating through the
net, so sometime today you should be able to use
and all the "usual" names as well.

There are too many people to thank here, but suffice it to say
that we thank the wizzes, FugaTek, Time-Warner, and not least,
you our users.


FurryMUCK test server now available

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A test version of FurryMUCK running on Fuzzball FB6 is being made available for users for the interim while FurryMUCK proper awaits new lines. This is not a permanent version of FurryMUCK: any changes made to this database will not be preserved when connectivity is restored to FurryMUCK's site. Site uptime is not guaranteed, due to Californian rolling blackouts and the fact that this IS a test server and may crash occasionally.

You may connect to it at the IP address: 8888

Or by hostname: 8888.

More FurryMuck Status Reports

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FurryMuck is indeed up, but their temporary lines are being overwhelmed by addicted muckers. No folks, FurryMuck cannot be run on much less than a dedicated T1 or equivalent. :-) Read below for a couple of updates from the site admin, S'A'Alis.

Status of FurryMuck

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Fans of FurryMuck have noticed that it's been unavailable. Apparently, Furry's DSL provider went out of business and took both of Furry's lines with it. For now, FurryMuck is at a temporary IP address and port, 8888. Two new DSL lines have already been ordered.

A Statement From the FurryMuck Wizards

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From Steven 'Shaterri' Stadniki, a FurryMuck Wizard as posted on "Hello there. This is Steven Stadnicki, a.k.a. Shaterri; for those
folks who don't know me, I'm one of the long-time wizards on
FurryMUCK. Since I've been one of the people driving the domain issue from the wizards' side, I've decided to
be the one to respond to the various issues that have been raised
publically in the matter. While some wizards' opinions may differ
from mine -- we're a diverse group with a fairly diverse range of
viewpoints -- I've shared this letter with the rest of the wizcorps
and can safely say that my statements reflect the consensus view of
the FurryMUCK wizards. The tone is likely to get unfortunately
legalistic in spots, but I think it's important to express our view
of the facts as we see them, as objectively as possible."
Click below for the whole statement.

Following up the sale of the furrymuck.* domains....

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Some of you who have been following the news may have noticed that the Ebay auction for the, .com and .net domains has disappeared. Read on for Darrel's Exline's post to AFF in regards to what happened:

FurryMUCK domains for sale.

Your rating: None Average: 5 (2 votes) is Dwight Dutton's sale of the FurryMUCK .com, .org and .net addresses. He's selling all three of them as a set. I did a check and yes, he does own these domains and thus is entitled to sell them. According to Dwight he had a bid on the set 10 minutes after putting them up for auction, so it sounds like a change will definately be occuring. But, since nothing was hosted on them before I don't see this as being a particularly big deal, outside of the name itself. FurryMUCK's site all runs off the furry.* domains, so....