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Tapestries MUCK

Tapestries MUCK revokes no-human policy

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Tapestries MUCK flag Adult text-based furry roleplaying environment Tapestries MUCK has revoked its policy against human characters.

In a news bulletin, Tapestries head-wizard and owner WhiteFire said:

Humans as characters are now allowed on Tapestries MUCK. The purpose for denying such characters in the past has long since stopped being relevant. It was originally used to discourage furry bashing and establish the Furry theme of the Muck.

What's your favoured MU*?

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Tapestries MUCK
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That's like Second Life, right?
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That's like Furcadia, right?
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I don't do that "roleplaying" thing
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WhiteWizard purges The Lining from Tapestries

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Tapestries MUCK

MUCK head WhiteWizard purged the popular Tapestries location known as The Lining this Monday.[1] The action was in response to an ultimatum posted two days earlier by its owner, Banner, who had threatened to close the bar himself at the end of the month if he did not receive an apology for what he termed "abusive and obnoxious behavior" on WhiteWizard's part.[2]

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