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Tapestries MUCK revokes no-human policy

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Tapestries MUCK flag Adult text-based furry roleplaying environment Tapestries MUCK has revoked its policy against human characters.

In a news bulletin, Tapestries head-wizard and owner WhiteFire said:

Humans as characters are now allowed on Tapestries MUCK. The purpose for denying such characters in the past has long since stopped being relevant. It was originally used to discourage furry bashing and establish the Furry theme of the Muck.

Fox Plaza denizen Moneyshot provided a little more background on the long-standing policy, and the presence of elves:

The reason elves were allowed is that Taps, originally, was not a furry muck. It was a muck with lots of different realms. The wizzes who controlled those other areas split, leaving Whitewiz in charge. The residents of the other places started hating on the furries, and the response was 'fine, no humans' to either purge the asses or force them to convert. At the time, the elf players were pro-furry.


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Kind of silly for the original purpose.. Having a rule for the bullies who hates seeing humans with furries or something.

Glad that's gone I think.

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Except it's back... and worse than ever.

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