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FurryMUCK address: Use FURRY.COM, not

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About a year and a half ago, FurryMUCK dropped support for the two domains and Since then FurryMUCK has run at (ports 8888-8898 and 8899 SSL). You can also reach it at simply if you prefer. The official website is also at

The old domains (.org/.net) were maintained by their owner, not by the admins of FurryMUCK. The .org domain has now expired and soon the .net domain will as well. Many long-time players who still used the .org address have been unable to reach FurryMUCK as a result.

Please update your settings to only use the addresses instead. I'd also ask that you help spread the word in case you know others having the same connection problem.

Also, please note that the old website at hasn't been updated in ages and no longer will be. Please refer to the new one at instead. And yes -- if you're up for some volunteer work, we'd love a good webmaster to help modernize and update the site. :)With luck the owner of the .org/.net domains (the former wizard known as S'a'alis) will let them expire so the admins of FurryMUCK can re-enable the domains for the MUCK's use. I'd like to apologize for the confusion that's been caused by allowing the domains to split off and expire. I tried in good faith to solve this nearly a year ago and couldn't come to an agreement. I'll keep trying and see where it goes.


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You might also want to talk to Lynx (Conrad Wong) since I let the, .net, and .org domains expire a couple years ago and it appears that he has since registered them.

As far as I can tell, they aren't being utilized.

A little history: I spent $500 a few years ago to save them from an EBay bidding debacle, and as agreed, let them expire so that they could fall into the hands of the wizards.

... it's kind of insulting now that nothing is being done with them, but at least they're safe in Lynx's hands.

my two cents' worth,


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