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Feral! Announces Guests of Honour!

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The staff of Feral! is very pleased to announce that John Barrett is our guest of honour for Feral! 2003. Known for creating evocative, dynamic characters, John Barrett is a furry artist par excellence. Barrett is also known for his character Roxikat, who serves as the current mayor of FurryMUCK. You can visit Roxikat's website, and view some of the wonderful artwork, at

We are also greatly honoured to announce that Krahnos the Magi-Dragon will be our special guest for Feral! 2003. Krahnos creates works of warmth and feeling, whose soft lines and beautifully-realised characters transport you to worlds of Fantasy. To view some of Krahnos' works, you can visit his site at

See you at Feral!
20-24 August 2003


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There is no mayor of FurryMUCK, and has not been for a very long time. The post was dissolved after people kept bickering about the methods used for the elections. The currency was set back to "pennies", and the Key to the MUCK (which changed the currency) was removed from play.

The last mayor I recall offhand was Mwerevu, though I'm told Caspian briefly had the post afterwards.

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Thanks Deuce! This was a misunderstanding on my part, when I wrote the article. I apologize for any confusion.


Come to Feral!

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