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Bigfoot 'creator' dies, family admits to hoax

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It might disapoint many people to find out, but Ray L. Wallace, who died of a heart attack on November 28th and was one of the early stars in the Bigfoot story, used monkey suits, tapes of weird noises and a pair of large, wooden feet to perpetrate one of the biggest hoaxes in Cryptozoology. Now that he's gone, his family admits to taking part in various suit wearing exploits over the decades, even claiming to be involved in the famous Patterson film. The confession doesn't phase true believers. "To suggest all these are explained by simple carved feet strapped to boots just doesn't wash," says Jeff Meldrum, an associate professor of anatomy and anthropology at Idaho State University.
Believe it or don't.


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Ok, So Bigfoot was a Hoax. The Family could at least show off the 'Fursuit' used to do the Hoax with. And the carved Bigfoot shoes as well. I would be interested in seeing the Bigfoot fursuit.

Mufasa the barbary Lionman

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My names David Wallace, Ray Wallace was my great uncle. I can remember them talking about all of the times they used the suit and pranked people even when i was really little. My uncle Dale still has the wooden feet but idk where the fur suit is lol.

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Goodness. Sounds like something that should be left to a museum at some point. Take care of the feet!

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