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Fursuits and fursuiting survey by Charleston Rat

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Charleston Rat Some of you might be familiar with my Facts About the Furry Fandom video on YouTube. After it went viral, I decided to make a series out of it, following it up with More Facts About the Furry Fandom and Facts About Furry Meetups & Conventions.

The next video in the series will be about fursuits and fursuiting. However, unlike the previous videos, most of the information I'm looking for isn't easy to find via reliable sources like FurScience and [adjective][species]. Therefore, I've decided to take a different route.

I've created a short survey about fursuits and fursuiting which I'd like you to fill out. Most of it consists of "yes/no" and "choose what you prefer" questions, with a few exceptions. You don't need a fursuit to take part! You just have to be a furry.

Also, feel free to spread the word about this survey in other furry social media!

At the end of the survey, you can enter your name into a prize draw and potentially win $250. As long as you're over 18, and can accept a PayPal transfer, you're eligible for the draw if you complete the survey before the deadline. More details are in the survey's introduction.

The deadline is Friday, November 26, 2021.

So, if you have ten to twenty minutes to spare, feel free to complete the survey and share it with your furry friends and family! You can take part by clicking on the link:

Thank you for being a part of this series, I look forward to making the next video!


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Apologies to Charleston for not actually commenting on the survey, but important milestone; with the publication of this article, Flayrah has published more articles in 2021 than 2020, making this the first time since at least 2017 the number of articles published year to year has increased.

So, good job, everybody. Let's just not come in the rest of the year! ... No. That doesn't sound appropriate? Okay.

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Guess that means I can retire now?

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Well, if it's like the UK energy market, we'd need to appoint an Editor of Last Resort to handle the load, which would be... umm, EarthFurst? Maybe if I got a laptop to sweeten the deal...

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Special thanks for forcing me to think.


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First thought: would have preferred that the questions be numbered.

2nd thought: would have preferred more examples for
"Can someone's costume qualify as a fursuit if it's a collection of matching furry accessories? *
E.g., someone wearing ears and whiskers instead of a traditional fursuit head."

edit: that example means fursuit BODY, plus furry ears and whiskers?

edit: maybe that question should have been split into multiple questions:
1) Does this qualify as a fursuit: a fursuit body, plus ears and whiskers (but NO fursuit head).
2) Does this qualify as a fursuit: a fursuit head and fursuit hands, but no fursuit body.
3) etc.

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