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CACE December Update

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Now that it's only about six months until CACE2, the time is about right for a few more details about our 2003 event.

CACE is proud to present our Guests of Honour! Chris Goodwin, a well known artist and illustrator renowned for his superb graphic design sense, will be our Artist Guest of Honour. In addition to being an excellent artist, Chris is also a great teacher, and we look forward to having him at our event.As well, CACE continues its tradition of showcasing talented new Canadian artists. This year, our newcomer Guests of Honour are Amy "Lyosha" Fennell and Jennifer "Nalina" Brook. We are currently continuing negotations for a Writer Guest of Honour and will present details about this as soon as they are confirmed.

For those who like to plan in advance, convention pre-registration is now available, and we are also accepting art show and dealers/artists room applications. Please check our website at for more details. Our convention hotel is also ready to accept room reservations at the convention rate. Please see for rates and booking information.

We'll be developing our programming schedule over the next few months. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, feel free to mention them on our "Suggestions" board at or contact our programming director directly at

Thank you very much for your interest in CACE!

Jeff Novotny, 2003 CACE Con Chair


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