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CACE Programming Highlights (and pre-reg deadline reminder)

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Here's a list of the programming panels, entertainment events, and contests currently scheduled for CACE 2004, along with a brief description, broken down by day. A few panels are still to be confirmed, so look back here later for an update, including some new topics, full descriptions, and a programming grid with exact times. Please note that all programming topics and the contents of the panels are subject to change.As well, don't forget that our pre-registration deadline is only about a week away! If you want to save money, you'll need to send in your registration form and payment postmarked by Monday, May 3. If you're interested in purchasing a sponsorship, registering by the deadline guarantees that you'll receive your complementary T-shirt in the size of your choosing, and a reserved seat at the sponsors and guests of Honour Saturday brunch.

For those who require overnight accommodations at our convention hotel, the deadline to reserve rooms at our special convention rate is Tuesday, May 4. The following room types are available in our room block: Junior suites (only a few); Double rooms on smoking floors; Single rooms (which include a pull out couch on non-smoking floors; and Single rooms (which include a pull out couch) on smoking floors. All smoking rooms can be filtered in advance (which does a great job of cleaning the air) upon request. If you have had problems booking a room, please see our hotel page for tips and suggestions.

CACE will be held from June 4 to 6 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Programming Listings Version 1.0

Chocolate Social – chat with friends, meet the guests of Honour, and enjoy a taste sampler of some world-quality chocolate

Dance – CACE presents its first dance with music and lights from Randy "TackyBear" Brule.

Animal Anatomy – Sue Packard and Amy Fennell cover the basics of animal anatomy.

Artists and Authors Ambush – an exciting game where artists and authors draw/write something based on a given topic, with a second section where artists and authors pair off to work co-operatively.

Costume Presentation and Accessories – learn the finer points of improving a costume through accessories and presenting your costume at a masquerade.

Gaming – Over the Edge – Vacation in Al Amarja

Getting Published as a Writer – learn how to break into the publishing industry.

Round Robin Game for Artists – an exciting and inactive game for artists, where you collaborate by passing around illustrations so everyone has a chance to work on them.

Underpainting and Glazing – Guest of Honour Heather Bruton demonstrates some exciting painting techniques.

Video Gaming – Dance Dance Revolution – compete against friends or just have fun dancing to a great selection of music mixes.


Masquerade – CACE presents its first ever full masquerade, in which participants display costumes or suits that they personally have either designed or constructed. International Costumers Guild rules will be in effect.

Ursa Major Awards – CACE hosts this year's Ursa Major Awards ceremony, recognizing excellence in art, writing, movies, and games within the genre of anthropomorphics.

Finding Your Muse as a Writer – learn how to create and develop story ideas and how to be more creative.

Fursuiting A to Z – this panel teaches prospective costumers how to develop a concept for a fursuit character.

Gaming – Ironclaw RPG – roleplay political intrigues in the city of Triskellian.

Guest of Honour Hour – Heather Bruton: Professional Careers in art – Heather has worked in almost every art field imaginable. Hear her talk about the challenges of making a career in illustrator, and ask her questions about the industry.

Guest of Honour Hour – Jen Seng: Comic Strips – Jen talks about her career drawing for a comic strip and answers your questions about cartooning and art.

Improv Workshop – participate in or watch games and exercise in comedic improvisational theatre.

Interacting with Crowd and Groups – learn how to deal more confidently with artists, fans, business associates and colleagues.

Intro to Storyboarding – an interesting overview of what storyboarding is and what it's used for, and the main concepts that go into making a storyboard.

Iron Artist 2004 – the popular and entertaining contest returns. What will the mystery medium be this year?

Life Drawing – an Ottawa School of Art instructor hosts our life drawing panel, as you'll have a chance to draw poses by professional art models

Lines 101: Drawing Basics – a good introduction for beginning artists including art materials, mass, light and shadow, and composition.

Movie Presentation – our late-night feature movie presentation.

Perspective I – the Basics of Perspective – covers the essential topics needed to draw in perspective.

Schizophrenia 102 – an interactive workshop on collaborative script writing for puppet sketches

Weaponry for Artists and Costumers – bows, blades, and replica firearms from the historical to the modern era will be showcased and explained.

Writing Contest – write your best story based on a given topic. Prizes will be awarded to the winners!


Art Auction/ Charity Auction – defend the bids you've placed at the art show

Ask a Puppet – a combination of humans and puppets answer pre-submitted questions about life, the fandom, or any other topic

Colored Pencil Techniques – learn how to use the exciting medium of colored pencils in an effective manner

Costuming Design – an explanation of some of the techniques used to physically construct a costume or fursuit

Gaming – Another Fine Mess RPG

Perspective II – Action and Perspective in Comics – an advanced survey of tricky perspective issues, with an emphasis on comics and action scenes.

Pixar and Studio Ghibli – a discussion of the recent works from these two exciting studios as we try to find out what makes them so successful

Recent Animated Movies and Comics – a run through of the animated movies and comics from the last year, with critical commentary and discussion


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