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Programming at CACE 2004

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I'd like to give everyone a brief initial report about programming at CACE 2004, both in terms of what to expect and what we're looking for in potential programming ideas.

We're continuing our commitment to learning and skills acquisition, balanced with discussion panels and social events, to present what we feel is a very balanced and interesting program. This year, we're still developing our programming tracks, but I can assure you that many of our premiere events, such as the Friday Night Chocolate Social, the Life Drawing Session, and our writing contest will return, along with popular panels on recent animated movies and illustration of weaponry. We're also presenting a variety of workshops on topics in animation, comic and illustration art, cartooning, costuming, and writing, with an increased emphasis on areas outside of anthro/furry fandom.This year will also see our first dance and a move towards a more full-fledged masquerade. I'll have more details on those events in a later update. However, if you have any ideas or suggestions for our programming tracks, please feel free to send them to Proposals that have someone already planned to lead or conduct them are most highly appreciated.

Thanks for your interest in CACE. We look forward to seeing you in Ottawa this coming June!

Jeff Novotny, Programming Director CACE 2004


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