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Misprint Directs Elementary Students To Adult Furry Web Site

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"" and ".org" pointed thousands of Indiana fourth-graders to an Internet site for adults instead of one dedicated to the state's history in fur trade.

Laura Nirenberg, an animal activist, discovered the misprint in a recent issue of "Indiana Studies Weekly" after reading several statements about fur trade that upset her.

When Nirenberg went to the only Web site listed in the issue -- promoted as "a good place on the Internet to find information on the fur industry" -- she realized it was not about the fur industry at all.

Instead, it was an entryway to an adult chat site for people who call themselves "furries."....

Read full news article here.


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I think this kills the idea that not talking to the press is the best way. If people in the fandom dont talk to the press, then items like this will make up the majority.

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A misprint does not equate to "talking to the press."

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I do have to wonder about the teachers who didn't double check the information before passing out infor sheets or anything like that. isn't the worst site they could have stumbled onto though, but this certainly isn't the kind of thing you want a 4th grader stumbling into.

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