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Fandom poked at again on TV. *yawn*

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You'd think that after ER, the TV producers would have forgotten about the Furry Fandom...

Note from MelSkunk: From what I understand, this was first broadcast months ago.

But, it looks like it's happened again..

On the syndicated TV program She Spies, during an episode that aired locally last night called "The Martini Shot," about halfway through the episode, two of the characters end up at what can be described as a "Furry Cotillion," where they end up dressing in bunny suits before approaching a person they were looking to speak with. They say who they are inside the suits, at which point, the man pulls off his head, looks at them, and the exchange goes like this:

Man: "Are you part of the lifestyle?"
Spies: "The Lifestyle?"
Man: "Are you.. a furry?"
Spies: "Huh?"
Man: "People who like to dress up as their favourite animals."

Somehow, I think they consulted with George Gurley and the person who wrote the ER episode for their "inside info" on the fandom :P

Y'know, I think they're painting with a rather broad brush, but somehow the idea of a cotillion would seem like kind of a fun thing..


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yawn indead.

It could have been far worse.

So the uninformed public thinks we all dress up in fursuits, it's not anywhere near as bad as the MTV Sex2k special was.

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Exactly. A suit doesn't make a furry! I should know better actually, I had a bad experience with a *former* suiter just as soon as he decided to depart the fandom... "furriness" to him was nothing but fiction, and he insulted all furries and me individually because of this!! He had some nerve. >:O(

A Cano Sapiens

Proud to be a furry! (non-yiffy, incidentally! ^_^)

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