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Original 'Balto' website reposted

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From 'chance wolf' on "Since Amblimation's "Balto" was released on Dec. 22, 1995 and today represents the seventh anniversary of that, I thought I'd put the original Universal website back on the air so newer fans can see what it looked like.

I kept the site materials all these years and have had bits and pieces up before, but this time everything actually works properly, right down to the old "Make Your Own Greeting Cards!" thing and the majority of the old Quicktimes.

Anyway, have fun and feel free to laugh at the wonderful Jurassic feel of the web circa 1995 - and by all means, steal whatever you like with my compliments."

You can find the website at


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good for you - personaly i seriously miss the internet's potential as the world's greatest public library - before it got subverted to becoming the worlds greatest shopping mall. if it weren't for such sites as vcl, elfwood, the european railway picture gallery and the rather ecclectic diversity of forrums i frequent i rather doubt i'd be on it at all ... ~;)

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There are an awful lot of half-finished, content-less sites out there - especially in the fan-domain thanks to untold billions of ancient, unmaintained Angelfire and GeoCities sites still linked through search-engines and links pages. Can't say I spend a lot of time flipping the web's channels nowadays unless I'm stuck doing research - as the exercise seems much like its Satellite TV equivalent at home; save for the fact that in place of Sat's 436 lifeless channels, the Net possesses untold millions.

chance ("fifty-seven chan-nels and nu-u-thin' on..") - The Redwall Animated Series - "Balto" Animated Movie - "Princess Mononoke"

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Ah, beautiful.. I came to the net in 1997, and missed much of Furry's reaction to Balto, so that was great to see.

No I won't laugh at the old web design, I think that site is great! Just the info on wide open, good looking pages, no teeny text, Flash banners or intense marketing with every scroll..

Tip to Chance Wolf: some proxies are set to block self-opening windows, so some visitors might not see the site.

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Hmm. Unfortunately, I have to force a 640x480 viewing environment or the backgrounds begin to repeat and look..worse. I could always have user-input on the index page to prompt the page-open call, I guess. Yeah. Sounds like a plan.

The site will eventually have its own TLD, and the Universal stuff will be just a part of an immense amount of 'Balto' material I have, including the original backgrounds, scans of about 60 original storyboards, widescreen screengrabs from the LD, and a wealth of historical information, photographs, articles - you name it.

I love that film, in case you can't tell. It got me an article with a pic in the L.A. Times, too. I still can't quite believe that.

chance (and I'm not much for glitzy pages with fussy text and more presentation than presented. Flash is fine, but not if the price is waiting 10 minutes for a 6 meg intro download.) - The Redwall Animated Series - "Balto" Animated Movie - "Princess Mononoke"

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