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Rhudiprrt - Prince of Fur Returns in 2003!

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Teri s. Wood, the original artist and co-creator on MU Press' Rhudiprrt - The Prince of Fur returns to comics to bring the once popular furry book back into publication.

The Prince of Fur series continued for only three issues after Teri moved on to do her self-published comic book series, Wandering Star, and has been dangling on a cliff-hanger ending for many years. Teri, who is now both artist and writer on The Prince of Fur series promises that she will pick the story up where it left off in issue nine with, of course, three pages of recap to bring both new and old readers back up to date before launching them fully into the storyline in book ten.

The first six pages can be previewed now online at:
Pen&InkComics: The Comic Art Factory


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For a more verbose response, see my post on The Pen&Ink Comics Message Board.

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