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CACE Early Bird Draw

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Don't wait to send in your registrations for CACE 2003, because the CACE Early Bird Draw is back for an encore appearance! Anyone who pre-registers for CACE by Friday, Feb 28 (postmarked) will be eligible, including those who have already pre-registered. The main prize is a $50 gift certificate from a major book store chain, with five runner-up prizes each consisting of a CACE 2002 T-shirt (among the last of our stock!).Winners will be notified by March 20, 2003. Pre-registration for CACE 2003 is only $30 CAN or $20 US. You can find information about CACE at or go directly to the registration page at . CACE 2003 will take place May 30 to June 1 in Ottawa, Canada. Thank you very much for your interest!


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