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Giant squid attacks racing sailor's yacht

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Veteran yachtsman Olivier De Kersauson, taking part in the around the world Jules Verne Trophy claims his boat was slowed down when a giant squid attached itself to the hull. Luckly, the squid disengaged when the boat was slowed. "... I don't know what we would have done if it hadn't let go," Mr de Kersauson said."We weren't going to attack it with our penknives."



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Too bad there wasn't a camera aboard ...

Richard Reid
Captain; Webship Corwinda

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I can't help it, but that remark made me wonder just what would've happened had someone leaned over the side with their camera...

"Quick, Joe! Jump in the water with that savage predator and snap its picture when it sinks those barbed tentacles into you! We'll get ten minutes on the next Fox documentary when it tears you apart!"

Ardashir (who wonders if anyone on this list would actually be stupid enough to cuddle up a little grosser with a giant squid)

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I think yes it would have probably killed the camra person, but the suction cups are not barbed it would have only made welts but the beak and seraded tounge would hurt very, very bad if that is how they feed because they have never (to my knowledge) been studied by any human.

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