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Upcoming Furry Comics for April 2003

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Doodles wrote in with this month's Upcoming Furry Comics listing compiled from Previews: "Hello, folks! Another month, another listing. It's a mild month, with a lot of the major publishers slacking off in preparation for the coming Summer."

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Looney Tunes #101 - $2.25 - order #FEB030188
Bugs enters a beauty contest dressed as Miss Albuquerque. Why does WB give a damn about fan artists showing Bugs doing the dirty when they keep showing him as a transvestite, hmmmm?

Scooby-Doo #71 - $2.25 - order #FEB030191
The gang goes after a be-bop ghost, most likely pissed at any attempt to call Kenny G a jazz musician...

pg 87
Thundercats / Battle of the Planets - $4.95 - order #FEB030206
If we're lucky, they'll wipe one another out and take that stupid 7 Zark 7 with 'em.

Thundercats: The Return #3 - $2.95 - order #FEB030207
But if they don't, there's always the conclusion to this series. Is Lion-O too late to save Thundera? Is Aunt Martha going to get out of the ditch? And will Lassie save Timmy from the Mutant Sex Weasels from planet Porno? I know which question _I_ want answered first.

pg 120
Liberty Meadows #31 - $2.95 - order #FEB031217
Frank & Brandy are still trapped in that cabin. This is the plotline to too many sitcoms.

pg 234
Gold Digger #42 - $3.50 - order #FEB031739

Ninja High School #105 - $3.50 - order #FEB031743

pg 253
Bubba The Redneck Werewolf #1 - $2.95 - order #FEB031812
The first issue in a new series, Bubba goes to a local comic con and finds himself in the midst of a conflict between good sense and bad taste. Uhm.... Too easy.

pg 286
Gutwallow #3 - $2.95 - order #FEB031896
The conclusion of the series sees Gutwallow doing what he was created to do, while Miyoko learns to love her enemy.

pg 304
Alice in Sexland Extreme #3 - $3.50 - order #FEB031964
ADULTS ONLY Alice, Bunny and Chessie run into a witch that gives the trio something extra. And if you've followed this series to this point, you know what comes next.

pg 316
Finder #31 - $2.95 - order #FEB032041
The return of the characters from Mystery Date, as Vary's life is filled with dancing, carousing, intelligent dinosaurs, unrequited love, and peanut butter. I prefer creamy.

pg 319
Wild Kingdom #16 - $3.50 - order #FEB032057
ADULTS ONLY - With work by Paul Kidd, Takagawa, Harrison Wood, Robbie
Consley, Karno, and Matt McAndrews.

Boneyard #10 - $2.95 - order #FEB032059
Abbey digs into Roxanne's past and discovers she doesn't have one. Must be Homeland Security...

Oddballz #7 - $2.95 - order #FEB032060
McConey runs from town to avoid being lynched. Will he make it?

pg 324
Furrlough #124 - $2.99 - order #FEB032101
More "Neo-Bioform Go" and more "Ebin and May." What more do you want?

Furrlough's Finest #1 - $5.99 - order #FEB032102
A new Heather Bruton cover wraps up this collection of the best from Furrlough's past, including work by Joe Rosales, Brian Sutton, Kurt Wilcken, Phil Morressey, Ted Sheppard, and more.

Genus #59 - $3.50 - order #FEB032103
The return of the SF-bondage themed characters from "Rat Maze," plus ever so much more...

Ups and Downs #1 - $4.99 - order #FEB032014
This volume has the full set of Jim Hardiman's "Ups and Downs of Anthropomorphic Relationships" from Genus, plus bonus material. Poor Tom...

That's it for this month, folks. Catch you in 28 days! =};-3


Your rating: None Average: 5 (2 votes)

And this update of a few things I missed by Treesong:

pg 90
Fables #12 - color, 32pg - $2.50 - order #FEB030220D1
Written by Bill Willingham; art by Lan Medina and Craig Hamilton; cover
by James Jean
After a very furry story arc, it's back to NYC for a two-parter about
Sleeping Beauty starring Bigby (the Big Bad Wolf in human form).

Pg 244
Colour Kamikaze #1 - (extreme) color, softcover, 120 - $29.95 - order
By WON. 'Now available in English! This comic is highly detailed and
features the best and lifetime work of the famous Munich character
artist. Great drawing, techniques, and contents, plus photos of the best
trainz. Everything is packed in the comic story of the rabbit Santa
Claus and his adventures. (CAUT: 4)' Mainly his spray-painted graffiti
but also a longer story 'der in einer wilden Farborgie und Detailflut
die Geschichte eines ausgeflippten und durchgeknallten Superhelden-Duos
erzählt'--Rabbit Lee (formerly the Easter Bunny) and Magic Santa (guess
who?) fighting the demons who took over Easter and Christmas. I quoted
from a German page because I like the word 'ausgeflippten'. MATURE
SC, 120pg , FC $29.95

pg 333
Reality Check volume 2 - softcover, 5x7, 180 pg - $9.99 - order
by Tavisha Wolfgarth & Rosearik Rikki
The second of two black-and-white reprint collections of the Sirius
comic. Collin's cat Catreece likes to snuggle under a virtual reality
helmet and appear in cyberspace as an anthropomorphic catgirl. In this
volume they run into an escaped computer rabbit named Riggi; plots
Always carry a grapefruit, Treesong

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