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And now, a talking Zebra.

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Summit and Alcon Entertainment have teamed with Warner Bros. to solidify the release of a film next year entitled Racing Stripes, which will feature a CGI/animatronic talking zebra.

"The screenplay... tells the story of a zebra abandoned on a farm in Kentucky and follows his adventures to fullfill his ambition of becoming a champion racehorse."


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Zebras have hollow spines. Anyone atempting to ride a zebra would almost certanly cause large amounts of damage and pain to the animal. I seriously hope that this movie dosnt result in kids atempting to imitate with real Zebras.

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Real zebras are also notorious for having bad tempers, so I'd like to see them try. They put the 'wild' in 'wild ass'.

Melissa "MelSkunk" Drake

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Hollow spines? Do mean that in a physiological or conformational sense? Yes, Zebra are "rump-high" and are generally smaller than the average riding horse, but this did not stop attempts through the ages to domesticate them.

Zebras tend to be stronger and hardier than horses, but are also quite mean-tempered. This, not any physical limitation has been the barrier to their being ridden.

Zebras require their own unique style of training which is by no means efficient in terms of producing large numbers of domesticated, tame, easily handled animals, as are required by pre-industrial society. The horse was already in use, and worked beautifully in that role. By the time such an animal was required in Africa, European contact had been established and horses were available.

Zorses (zebra/horse hybrids), on the other hand, are becoming quite popular, and exhibit some of the vigor of the zebra while being perfectly suitable for riding. These hybrids are also not unknown historically.


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