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More Furry Cartoons Coming From South Africa

The Hollywood Reporter recently ran an article about Triggerfish — the animation studio which some refer to as the Pixar of South Africa. Following the international success of Zambezia (about a city of birds) and Khumba (about a young zebra missing half of his stripes), Triggerfish have secured funding which will allow them to begin work on two new films out of a planned slate of five. The company’s stated goal is to release one film a year starting in 2016. First out of the gate is Here Be Monsters, about a young human boy who interacts with a scary sea monster. It’s written by Raffaella Delle Donne, who worked on both the studio’s previous films. Soon after that comes Seal Team, described as “an action-comedy that pits a group of seals against the great white sharks of South Africa.” Khumba is currently screening in Africa, with plans to roll it out to the rest of the world going into 2014.

image c. 2013 Triggerfish

Review: ‘Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted’ is Furry Jesus

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Madagascar 3 I was in a bad mood all day when I went to see this movie. A real bad mood.

I was looking forward to seeing it, however, because I decided it would cheer me up. I wasn't expecting it to be great and cheer me up; I expected it to be bad, and then I would get to take out all my frustrations on it in my review.

Essentially, if this movie was not the second coming of Furry Jesus, I was going to rip it a new orifice which I would then proceed to assuage my rage.

Can I even write that?

Anyway, you read the headline; this movie cheered me right up in the way I did not expect it to. By not sucking. Also, by not only not sucking, but by really not sucking a lot.

Madagascar Trailer On Line

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The people who brought you "Shrek" and "SharkTail" are at it again. Watch the trailer for their next movie "Madagascar", which stars a lion, a giraffe, a zebra and a hippo who all live in the New York Central Park zoo.

See the trailer here.

Only in Kenya we've got fursuits...

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Yikes, live action Kenya!

And now, a talking Zebra.

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Summit and Alcon Entertainment have teamed with Warner Bros. to solidify the release of a film next year entitled Racing Stripes, which will feature a CGI/animatronic talking zebra.

"The screenplay... tells the story of a zebra abandoned on a farm in Kentucky and follows his adventures to fullfill his ambition of becoming a champion racehorse."

Zebra joins California commute

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According to this article on a California TV station's website, a zebra helped make rush hour in San Luis Obispo, CA just a little bit stranger on Tuesday. A link is provided within the article to a video of the rogue zebra on the freeways.

He probably beat most people on the roads to their destinations, too.

A Shetland Zebra is born

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What would you call a real shetland pony/zebra mix created by nature? A Shetland Zebra? Reports from Associated Press and Reuters with video from Brittan via Yahoo! News.