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The Montreal Mirror has a feature story about furry fandom in their recent edition. It's a 'fan reaction' to the Vanity Fair article from three different Montreal furry fans.


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I don't get it anymore. Guys, we do NOT need this or any sort of publicity. The more you rail against the bad publicity furry gets, the MORE we're going to get!

Read this article, then tell me that you'd want your family reading it. Guys, just stop talking to the press it never does us any good. If you MUST talk to the press then don't talk about sex. If furry isn't about sex than why mention it? Does your typical science fiction buff talk about slash fanfics with kirk and spock? No? Then why should we?

People wonder why I hate the press. :-p

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And here's another, a follow-up to the Vanity Fair article with a "local angle" from the Omaha (Nebraska) World-Herald:

The comments after the article are marginally entertaining as well (he said, noting some familiar faces...)

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